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Credit scores are crucial to the homebuying process. Not only does your FICO score determine if you can qualify for a loan in the first place, it will also have an impact on your mortgage terms. See whether you’ve got the credit score to buy a house with the type of loan you’d prefer.

What credit score is needed to buy a house?

You don’t need flawless credit to get a mortgage. In some cases, scores can even be in the 500s. But because credit scores estimate the risk that you won’t repay the loan, potential lenders will reward a higher score with more choices and lower interest rates.

For most loan types, the credit score needed to buy a house is at least 620. But higher is better, and borrowers with scores of 740 or more will get the lowest interest rates.

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Higher credit scores can save thousands of dollars over the life of a mortgage loan. At Credit Expert LLC, we help consumers raise their credit scores to 700 and beyond, save money and buy the home of their dreams!



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Centennial Homes – Aberdeen SD


Centennial Homes – Billings MT


Centennial Homes – Bismarck ND


Centennial Homes – Dickinson ND


Mark Wesler – Indianapolis, IN
I am Mark Wesler, an Indianapolis area real estate agent who helps home buyers and sellers. I retired in 2019, after serving 30 years as a pastor. I transitioned into real estate because I love helping people find their ideal home. I have lived in Marion and surrounding counties for over 14 years and have had strong connections to these communities. My strengths as an agent include my non-adversarial negotiating skills, my caring and compassionate nature, and my knowledge of the local real estate market. I look forward to helping you buy or sell a home!


Sergio Colicheski – Rapid City SD
Black Hills Realty
I was born and raised in northern New Jersey. After serving in the US Navy I relocated to Florida where I met my wife Danielle. Danielle, a South Dakota girl, brought me back to Rapid City where we started our family. I have been in the real estate business for many years serving as a lender and now as a realtor. I understand all parts of the real estate transaction. When you are ready to take your next real estate step, I would love to help you.


Centennial Homes – Rapid City SD


Don Dunham III – Sioux Falls, SD
When you meet Don Dunham III it’s easy to see why he’s one of the top Realtors in the Sioux Falls area. His many years of experience working with home buyers, knowledge of the real estate market, understanding of home financing and the ability to understand the customers’ needs makes him ready to serve you!


Wendy Rost – Sioux Falls, SD
I was raised and have lived most of my life in South Dakota. We live in Sioux Falls and have raised our family here. We love this city and the people in it. In real estate my passion for people shines. My goal is to help as many people get what they want and love. That can be a home, an investment or a new build. For my team that means helping them to reach their full potential so they are living a life they want. If you are looking to buy, sell, or build a home in the Sioux Falls area please consider us for our experience, knowledge, and professionalism. I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.


Centennial Homes – Sioux Falls SD


Centennial Homes – Williston ND