Home Buyers

If your future goal is to purchase a home for you and your family; don’t wait until you are ready to start your home search to start preparing your credit scores. That can be too late.

The rule of thumb is to start preparing your credit and credit scores 6 to 12 months BEFORE applying for a loan.

Consider using our 15 years of experience to coach you, help you and point you in the right direction.

We would love to help you.

Disclosure: Credit Expert LLC is not a mortgage loan originator or lender. If you have specific questions regarding a potential home loan, please contact a mortgage banker in your area.

Things to consider before meeting with a lender…

✔️ Credit Score: The higher the score, the more purchasing power you have. Plus, you could possibly obtain better interest rates and lower fees.
Job stability / Income.
✔️ Debt to Income Ratio.
✔️ Installment Loans & Credit Cards: No late payments during the last 12 months. Create a budget to help pay your bills on time.
✔️ No unpaid collections, Judgements or Tax Liens.
✔️ Pay credit cards down. Pay off if possible, but don’t close them.
✔️ Avoid applying for any new credit within 3-6 months of applying for a home loan.
✔️ Bankruptcy – Possibly qualify after 2 years from being discharged (ask your lender)

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