Our Credit Help Program

Join our Credit Help Program in April for $99 (NO monthly fee).

Credit Score Improvement Plan
We will review your credit reports and create a plan for you that explains what needs to be done to improve your credit scores to 700 and beyond. This plan is important because there are several factors you need to consider. It will set you on the right track. The key to your success is to follow our advice and stick to working the plan.


Dispute Service: 3 rounds at no charge.
If you have negative accounts reporting and impacting your scores, we will determine which ones qualify to be disputed with the credit reporting agencies and dispute them for you. It is possible for the agencies to remove accounts sooner than 7 years. 3 rounds of monthly disputes are included at no additional charge. Results vary.
“I turned to Credit Expert for help and guidance when my scores stunk and have never looked back. I followed their advice and my (then) 545 credit scores are now approaching 800.”
– Dusty, Sioux Falls, SD

Let us set you on track to improve your scores to 700 and beyond!

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