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There's no doubt, credit scores below 680 can be very expensive and keep you from achieving your goals. Consider the difference between a 4-yr, $15,000 auto loan at 18% interest and the same loan at 6%.  It's $4,200 in interest payments.  By raising credit scores and refinancing the 18% loan to a 6% loan, one could save $4,200.  That's a lot of money!

Since 2008, we have helped thousands of consumers throughout the United States raise their credit scores, save money and achieve their goals.  Let's see how we can help you!

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Why do consumers prefer working with us over others? 

First, our awesome, compassionate and understanding staff.  Secondly, unlike companies that charge a monthly service fee regardless the results; our service fee is based on what we actually remove (qualified negative items) from your credit reports that will help boost your credit scores.  If nothing is removed from your credit reports, YOU PAY NO CREDIT REPAIR SERVICE FEE - PERIOD! 

Our popular No-Risk Guarantee:
No Credit Report Deletions =
No Credit Repair Service Fee = 
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No Monthly Payment!

Look at credit repair as an "investment", not an expense.

Credit repair is an "investment", not an expense. Investments make you money.  In the case of credit repair, it can save you money. Again, the difference between a 4-yr, $15,000 auto loan at 18% and 6% is $4,200 in interest.  Credit repair can also help you achieve your future goals, like buying a new home or auto.

Now, think about your current loans and interest rates.  By raising your credit scores, could you possibly refinance them and save money?  Think about your future needs and wants!

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