How can you help me?

We provide the right advice and point you in the right direction to raise your scores to 700 and beyond. However, if you don’t have the time, knowledge, patience or desire to research (the dispute process and FCRA laws) and do the work; we are here to step in with our 14 years of knowledge and experience to help you with our popular and very affordable Month-to-Month Credit Repair.

The first step is to request a Free Credit Review. This is where we review your credit reports to identify the key factors that can help you achieve a 700+ credit score. We will then explain what you can do to raise your scores. The credit review can happen by a phone call, text, email or Facebook Messenger. Whatever works best for you.

After the credit review; you can take our advice and begin working to improve your credit on your own.

How does your Month-to-Month Credit Repair work?

Following the laws of FCRA. we will do the work of disputing qualified, inaccurate and unverifiable accounts with the credit reporting agencies with a goal to remove them. We will also continue to coach you and point you in the right direction to maximize your credit scores.

Are you legitimate?

Absolutely! We are in our 14th year. We have been vetted and accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we have an A+ Customer Satisfaction Rating.

Do you have a guarantee?

There are no guarantees. In fact, no legitimate credit repair company can guarantee you results. By law, negative accounts can remain reporting for up to 7 years from the date of the last delinquency.  Because of this, credit repair companies are at the mercy of the reporting agencies. Guaranteeing results or account removals is considered “deceptive or misleading” and that is illegal.

Can inquiries be removed?

Yes, it’s possible to remove them. However, just know that they play a very small part with the credit score. Here’s what you should know about inquiries:  They can remain on your credit report for 2 years. However, only those in the last 90 days impact the credit score. Multiple auto, student loan or mortgage inquires within a 30 days period only count as ONE inquiry against the score.

Request a Free Credit Review and Let Us Point You In The Right Direction!