How long does it take to increase my credit scores?

That is a popular question, and it depends on your situation and what you can do. Several factors need to be considered. We can help you by reviewing your credit reports and creating a Personalized Credit Plan for you that outlines what needs to be done and points you in the right direction to improve your credit scores.

Do I need to pay my unpaid collections?

If the collection is reporting and updating each month, the answer is YES.

Many consumers have been misled by unreliable sources. They have read or were wrongfully told from credit repair companies that unpaid collections can be removed from their reports without paying them. Here’s reality…

1) According to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, “Neither you nor any ‘credit repair’ company or credit repair organization has the right to have accurate, current, and verifiable information removed from your credit report.”

In other words, it is illegal to remove verified and current unpaid collections.

2) If a person or company guarantees the removal of a verified unpaid collection; they are performing two illegal acts. 1) by law they cannot make such a guarantee and 2) refer back to #1.

If removed… there is a very high chance that the collection will return and you just wasted your money.

3) If the debt is valid then you owe the debt. The creditor may sue and obtain a Judgement against you, which can lead to wage garnishment or worse, a levy placed on your bank account.