Frequent Questions

1. How much does your credit repair cost?

We offer a free consultation. The cost of our credit repair depends on the work to be done and we won’t know that until we review your credit reports.

2. How does your credit repair work?

We help consumers raise their credit scores by coaching and removing (qualified) negative accounts from their credit reports.

3. Are you legit?

Absolutely! We’ve been helping consumers since 2008. We are an accredited with the Better Business Bureau and we have an A+ Rating.

4. How are you different from other companies?

We are compassionate, understanding, trustworthy and non-judgmental. We are educators. We are coaches. We will hold your hand throughout the credit repair process. We will guide you and point you in the right direction. We will provide accurate credit advice. We will bust the credit myths. We will be honest with you (even though you may not want to hear that).  All this is why we have an A+ rating with the BBB.

5. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Here’s what you can expect: We will explain how to raise your credit scores and point you in the right direction. We will coach you and explain how qualified negative accounts can be removed from your reports sooner than 7-10 years to help raise your scores. Once your review is complete, we will provide a credit repair cost estimate so you can make a sound decision. We do encourage you to join our program because we believe that we are the best consumer option!

6. Can you remove inquiries?

We do not specifically try to remove inquiries as they only contribute 10% toward the credit score. Here’s what you need to know about inquiries:  They can remain on your credit report for 2 years; however, only those in the last 90 days have the biggest impact on your credit score. Multiple auto or student loan inquires within a 30 days period only count as ONE inquiry against the score.

7. How do I get started?

Take the first step and request your FREE consultation below.