Q: How quickly can I raise my credit scores?
A: This all depends on your situation and the action that needs to take place. There are several factors to consider. This is where our Credit Plan can help you. We will review your credit reports and explain what needs to be done to improve your credit scores.
Q: How can you help me?
A: We will review your credit reports and create a personalized Credit Plan for you. This plan provides credit education, explains what is impacting your scores, and prioritizes the action needed to improve your credit scores to 700 and beyond.
Q: Do I really need a Credit Plan?
A: Do you know everything there is to know about credit and how it works? If your answer is “no” then a Credit Plan will benefit you.
Q: I’ve been told that I do not need to pay my unpaid collections. Is this true? 
A: A collection or charge-off account that is reporting and updating each month needs to be paid. If not paid, it will continue to suppress the credit scores regarding of the good information that is reporting.
1) According to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, “Neither you nor any ‘credit repair’ company or credit repair organization has the right to have accurate, current, and verifiable information removed from your credit report.”
2) If someone guarantees you the removal of a verified unpaid collection or charge-off; they are not in compliance with the law. A) By law they cannot make such a guarantee and B) refer to #1.
3) If the debt is valid then you owe the debt. Depending on the Statute of Limitation, the creditor could file a suit against you to obtain a Judgement, which can lead to wage garnishment or worse, a levy placed on your bank account.
The only way to legally release yourself from a valid debt is through Bankruptcy in which we suggest speaking with a Bankruptcy Attorney.
Q: How can I trust you when I have been burnt by other companies?
A:  We hear this often and we are sorry.  Here’s what makes us different:
We will review your credit reports and create a written Credit Plan for you that outlines what needs to be done and points you in the right direction to improve your credit scores. It’s not all about trying to remove past mistakes from the credit report. You should know how credit works as there are several factors to consider.
The Credit Plan is the most critical piece when it comes to improving credit scores. If key factors are ignored, credit scores have little chance of improving.