Unpaid Collections

Do you have unpaid collections, charge-off accounts or an auto repossession reporting on your credit reports? Have you ever been told that you don’t need to pay them and that they can be removed from your credit reports?

It’s possible. HOWEVER, THE CHANCES ARE VERY GOOD THAT THE UNPAID COLLECTION WILL RETURN and when it does, it’s possible that the 7 year clock can start all over again.

Remember, just 1 new collection reporting can drop your scores anywhere from 60 to 100 points (depending on several variables within your credit report).

We will provide the right credit advice to help you achieve a 700+ credit score – and keep it!  We have helped thousands of consumers for 12 years and we are A+ rated with the BBB.

Be sure to ask about our Creditor Negotiation Service where we call creditors to negotiate balance settlements for less than owed.