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“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your assistance in getting my first home loan. There is always a level of fear/anxiety when getting outside the box and not only did you give me the peace of mind you were also able to get me approved for a home loan in under 3 months after I had been unsuccessful for several years. I had one financial institution inform me right before I contacted you that it would be at least a year before I could get a home..(who would’ve thought three months later I would hear the words…”Jeremy. Have you picked out a home yet” from a lender! ? ) I would not be where I’m at without you…gone are the days of wasting tens of thousands of dollars on rent. In my opinion the small financial amount it took to get me in this position was nothing compared to all the savings I will enjoy with higher credit scores (not to mention owning my own home). Please feel free to use this as you like as I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their scores and/or get derogatory things off their credit to stop and contact you at their earliest convenience. I can honestly say that setting up an appointment to speak with you was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you for your patience as well as your above and beyond efforts”.


Jeremy – South Dakota

“Jill & Shelly we’re simply amazing. They were always responsive, kept me in the loop every step of the way & got me to from a 610 to a 750 in less than 6 months. Maybe not typical but very impressive to me! They are extremely professional, courteous & worked tirelessly to help me. I felt like family since this was my second time returning & they even sent me an email (once I kept a “prime credit” score for a little while) stating that I could either or continue as they advise their clients with high scores to maybe pause for a little while. HONESTY & INTEGRITY are the cornerstones of my life; so that meant the world! Thank you ladies. Forever a Credit Expert, LLC fan & member—active or not lol.”

Barron – Google Review

“Credit Expert LLC is awesome. I lost a job making a fairly substantial income and then could not find real work right away. Needless to say, my credit rating took a beating over the 3 years of my non-compete clause. The Credit Expert team grabbed a hold of my case and I have never looked back. They stressed to me the importance of staying on top of my payments. Between their help removing negative accounts that were lowering my scores, and the fact that I haven’t missed a payment since, I am now approaching an 800 credit score. I could not have done this without them.”  See his scores…

Dusty – Sioux Falls, SD

“I just wanted to reach out and thank the staff of Credit Expert, LLC for helping me get my ratings out of the 500-600’s and back in line. Once I saw it moving in the right direction, it gave me the motivation to use a lot of things your staff taught me. Things like the courage to look at your credit file (Yes, that does take some courage) down to the simple things such as “ALWAYS make your payments on-time; do not miss a payment.”; and everything in between. I’m now at an 830-850 and I owe it in part to what your company did in the beginning by removing old accounts that just wouldn’t go away and the courage to look my Credit Rating in the face and tackle it. Thanks again!”

Barry – Aberdeen, SD

“I just started my journey to repairing my credit and I have to say, Laura was an absolute doll! Super friendly and very helpful. She was extremely clear, thorough and very helpful. She put my mind at ease, not making any promises but reassuring that she would do all she can to help me! She also gave me some great advice on how maintain good credit. I appreciate the FREE consultation and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!”

Ariona – Winter Park, FL

“These guys are the best!!! Helped me recover from some major dings and allowed me to now have scores in the 700s! Just purchased a new home and couldn’t believe how fast their system worked for me!!! Highly recommend them!”

Greg – Sioux Falls, SD

“The reason I am writing this is to tell you thank you so much. Also I wanted to tell you that your good work doesn’t just improve people’s credit score it improves their quality of life. I was able to purchase a home for my family. My children now have a nice home that they can say is their own. The amazing work that you do not only improved my life, it improved my children’s life as well. I will be forever thankful for everything you and Credit Expert has done for my family. Keep up the outstanding work!”

Milty – Houston, TX