Credit Repair Successes

Happy Clients!

“You guys are absolutely amazing… you all have changed my life!!!! If you haven’t signed up for Credit Expert do it NOW!”

Shanequa – Waldorf, MD


“I just started my journey to repairing my credit and I have to say, Laura was an absolute doll! Super friendly and very helpful. She was extremely clear, thorough and very helpful. She put my mind at ease, not making any promises but reassuring that she would do all she can to help me! She also gave me some great advice on how maintain good credit. I appreciate the FREE consultation and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!”

Ariona – Winter Park, FL


“These guys are the best!!! Helped me recover from some major dings and allowed me to now have scores in the 700s! Just purchased a new home and couldn’t believe how fast their system worked for me!!! Highly recommend them!”

Greg – Sioux Falls, SD


“I have worked with other credit repair companies in the past and there is no company that I experienced that is as good as Credit Expert LLC. They thoroughly explained what they could do during the free consultation and explained that I would pay no service fee if nothing was deleted from my credit reports. Everything they said was true. They have made good on their promise, have achieved very good progress and I am very happy!”

Steve – Dallas, TX


“The reason I am writing this is to tell you thank you so much. Also I wanted to tell you that your good work doesn’t just improve people’s credit score it improves their quality of life. I was able to purchase a home for my family. My children now have a nice home that they can say is their own. The amazing work that you do not only improved my life, it improved my children’s life as well. I will be forever thankful for everything you and Credit Expert has done for my family. Keep up the outstanding work!”

Milty – Houston, TX


“Shelly, After following you on Facebook for almost a year, I decided I needed to put aside my embarrassment about our credit situation and give you a call.  Now 11 months later I can without a doubt say, it was the best decision I have ever made!  If it wasn’t for your incredible help and guidance we wouldn’t be closing on our dream home next week!  I wasn’t sure we’d ever see the light at the end of the tunnel before your help and now the light is so bright I need sunglasses!  (Okay I need them anyway living in Arizona!)  So I will say that dreams really do come true!  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!”

Beth and Jim – Arizona