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We have been helping consumers since 2008. We have helped thousands throughout the United States raise their scores and achieve their goals. We’re A+ rated with the BBB. We are compassionate, understanding, trustworthy and non-judgmental.

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Everyone receives a FREE consultation.  This is where we review your credit reports and point you in the right direction to achieve a 700 credit score.  We will talk about getting the right advice, having the right patience and taking the right action. We will explain how our program works and provide you with a cost estimate.


If you have unpaid collections; we will contact your creditors and negotiate settlements for you.  This can free you from the hassle and frustration of calling them. This can also save you time and money.  Just know that not all accounts can be settled for a lesser amount; however, your chances increase with an expert making the call.

Student loans in collections: we will contact the student loan (on your behalf) to work out a re-payment plan, or to get your student loans in a rehabilitation program. The goal is to get them reporting in good standing.

Credit Repair

We will go to bat for you with the credit reporting agencies (on your behalf) to remove qualified negative accounts from your credit reports that can help raise your credit scores. Results do vary; however, clients who listen to our advice and stick with our program typically  see a 60-100 point credit score increase.

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