There is a one-time account setup fee of $79, which is due 5 to 14 business days from the date you enroll into our program. Then, our monthly Account Maintenance & Service Fee is just $39/month beginning 60 days after the setup fee.  You may cancel and restart your account at any time.


If you request to enroll in our program, we will email (PDF) you our New Client Enrollment Packet to review. It contacts everything you need to know about our program. If you like what you see and wish to enroll, simply click the link at the end to securely complete the enrollment process.

Credit Report Review

Once you have enrolled, we will review your credit reports and provide a written review (email) outlining what needs to be done and how you can achieve a 700 or better credit score.

This review is done by email so you can save it and refer back to it at anytime in the future.


If you have negative items reporting that qualify for possible removal, we can challenge these items on your behalf with the credit reporting agencies. If the reporting agencies cannot verify the account in question, or the creditor chooses not to respond to the challenge, the account could be removed. If not, we will change up our challenge strategy and repeat the process.

Negative accounts can remain on the credit report for 7 years – even after they are paid. However, it is possible to remove them sooner. Just know that, BY LAW, no person or company can promise or guarantee you a credit score increase or the removal of any negative items from your credit reports.

However, We Have Removed
Old Late Payments
Unverified Collections
Unverified Charge Offs
Unverified Repossessions
Unverified Child Support
Unverified Medical Bills
Student Loans
Short Sales

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