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By law, no credit repair organization can guarantee the removal of negative accounts from your credit reports – paid or unpaid.  However, it is possible to legally remove unverifiable or inaccurate negative information. Also by law, no credit repair company can guarantee the improvement of your credit scores. Learn More

FREE Credit Consultation

We will review your credit reports and accurately explain what you can do to raise your credit scores to 700 and beyond.

If you would like to hire us to “attempt to remove” qualified negative accounts from your credit reports, we offer two popular credit repair programs that you can choose from to best fit your needs and wants:

(Pay For Results)

Description: You only pay for the qualified negative accounts that are deleted (or removed) from your credit reports

One-Time Setup Fee: $149

Deletion Fee: $79 per credit report deletion

COVID-19 reduced rates: $39 setup fee and $39 per credit report deletion

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and place your account on hold at anytime. If you have an account balance as a result of deletions, you will still need to pay toward the balance until the balance is paid in full.

(Pay For Our Time)

Description: You pay for our time doing the work for you.

One-Time Setup Fee: $149

Monthly Fee:  $79 per month

COVID-19 reduced rates: $39 setup fee and $39 per month

The monthly fee is for the previous month’s work of interpreting the results from the credit reporting agencies, reviewing your credit reports, updating your account and preparing and initiating the next round of dispute and verification’s with the credit reporting agencies.

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and place your account on hold at anytime with no further payments.


If you’re currently safe at home from COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we hope you are doing well. Keep in mind that this a great time to review your credit reports with our FREE Credit Review. We are ready to point you in the right direction to achieve a 700+ credit score.

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