Our Goal > To Help You Raise Your Credit Scores and Achieve Your Goals.

Here’s what you can expect when you enroll into our program…

Enroll / Pricing
When you request to join our program, we will email you our Program Enrollment Packet to review and complete online. Our one-time account setup fee is $79 and it is due within 5 to 14 business days of the enrollment date. Then, our monthly service fee is $39/month beginning 30 days after the account setup fee.  You may cancel and restart your account at any time.

Credit Report Review
Once you have enrolled, we will reach out to set a time to review your credit reports with you. We will identify any negative items that we can
challenge with the credit reporting agencies. We will also point you in the right direction to raise your credit scores to 700 and beyond.

Challenging Negative Items with the
Credit Reporting Agencies

We will challenge negative items with the reporting agencies that are lowering your scores. If the reporting agencies cannot verify the account in question for accuracy, or the creditor chooses not to respond to our challenge, the account should be removed. If not, we will change up our strategy and repeat the process.

This is where our 15 years of knowledge and
experience comes into play.

Your Online Portal
Your online portal allows you to monitor the accounts being challenged and to stay engaged with the process. You can also communicate
directly and securely with our team.

Our Credit Repair App
Our mobile app connects us and keeps us at your fingertips. You can log right into your portal from the App and much more. Search and install Credit Expert LLC in your phone App Store.

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We Are Ethical
First, just know that you can repair your credit on your own. However, most people don’t have the time, knowledge, patience or desire to research the FCRA laws and do the work and that’s why they hire us. Second, don’t be fooled by all the hype from other credit repair companies
promising account removals and a quick fix. BY LAW, no credit repair company can promise or guarantee the removal of ANY negative items from your credit reports.

However, We Have Successfully Removed
Late Payments
Charge Offs
Student Loans
Child Support
Medical Bills
Short Sales

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We Are Here To Help

Join our program and put our 15 years of
experience to work for you. Our goal is to
guide you and help you raise your scores to
700 and beyond

Our Program Includes

Credit Report Review
Credit Bureau Challenges
Creditor Contact List for Settlements
Settlement Coaching
Q & A Chat
Personal Credit Monitoring
Informational Blogs
Credit Coaching
Creditor Assistance
Credit Score Review
Monthly Credit Education
24×7 Online Portal Access to Stay Engaged
Mobile App (We’re At Your Fingertips)


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