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Since 2008, we have helped thousands of good people repair their credit and raise their credit scores. We will coach you and work with the credit reporting agencies on your behalf to remove qualified negative accounts from your credit reports to help raise your credit scores. Keep in mind that removing negative accounts is not easy as (by law) negative accounts can remain for 7 years. 10 years for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


Free Consultation

This is where your credit repair journey begins! During the free consultation; we will discuss your goals, review your credit reports and accurately explain what need to be done to raise your credit scores and achieve your goals. We will explain how our credit repair works and how it can help you remove qualified negative accounts from your credit report sooner than 7 years to raise your scores. After reviewing your situation, we will determine a service plan that best fits for your needs, wants and budget. The consultation can occur by telephone, text, email or by Facebook Messenger; whichever is easiest for you.

We have two credit repair plans to choose from:

Plan 1 > No-Risk Credit Repair

This is a pay-per-deletion plan where you pay for the qualified negative accounts that are actually removed from your credit reports. There is a one-time account setup fee that is not required at the time you enroll, and then the only time a payment is due is when you have an account balance as a result of deletions. NO ACCOUNT BALANCE = NO PAYMENT DUE!

Plan 2 > Month-to-Month Credit Repair

This credit repair plan also includes a one-time setup fee (again, not required at the time you enroll) and you pay a monthly maintenance fee regardless of how many deletions occur. This is a good plan for those who do not want to worry about having an account balance.


The price of our credit repair all depends on the work to be done and we won’t know that until we are able to review your credit reports.

Reach out to us today. Call 877-772-7312 for a FREE, No Obligation Consultation (that includes a price quote) or simply request it below.

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