This is where your credit repair journey begins! During the consultation, we will review your credit reports with you to determine what needs to be done to raise your credit scores. We will explain how our popular pay-per-deletion credit repair can help you. If you have unpaid collections or charged off accounts, we can even contact your creditors to negotiate settlements to help you save some money!


We are a pay-per-deletion company. This means that after the initial setup or first 30 day work fee; the only time you will have a payment due is when we remove negative accounts from your credit reports.  No credit report deletions means that no deletion fee will be added to your account. If there is no account balance then there is no payment due!


Frustrated with pesky unpaid collections and/or charged off accounts? Have us contact your creditors to negotiate settlements! We are not a Debt Settlement Company. We negotiate the settlement and then connect you with the creditor to pay the agreed upon settlement.

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