About Credit Expert LLC

Since 2008, we have helped thousands of consumers throughout the United States repair their credit and raise their credit scores. We will work with the credit reporting agencies on your behalf to remove qualified negative accounts from your credit reports to help raise your credit scores. We are A+ BBB rated.

Free Credit Review

This is where your credit repair journey begins! During the free credit review, we will review your credit reports and accurately explain what you can do to raise your credit scores. We will explain how our popular credit repair works and how it can help you by removing qualified negative accounts from the credit report sooner than 7 years. After speaking with you and reviewing your situation, we then provide a credit repair estimate for you to consider in the event you would like to join our credit repair program.

NOTE: We will be kind, honest and straight forward with you. If you don’t like what you hear after one of our consultants has reviewed your credit reports, DON’T BE MEAN and take your frustrations out on our consultants. They are just doing their jobs. Remember, they are trained professionals and know more about credit than you do.

No-Risk Credit Repair

This is a pay-per-deletion plan. With this format, you pay an account setup fee along with a credit report deletion fee. You only have a payment due when you have an account balance. If you have a balance, you pay a monthly payment toward this balance until there is no balance. If you cancel the service, there is no cancellation fee; however, you still owe the account balance until it is paid in full.

Popular Credit Repair

This is a month-to-month plan. There is an account setup fee and the monthly payment regardless of how many deletions occur. However, this plan is less than the pay-per-deletion plan. This plan many be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fee.

Credit Negotiation Service

Unpaid collections, charged-off accounts and/or repossession can be frustrating and keep you from buying a home. By using this service, we will contact those pesky creditors to negotiate possible settlements on your behalf.

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